Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe

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Does every woman born in the Anglophone world have to be Joan or Ruth or Constance? I'm by no means saying that all women should have a cutesy-boopsie name, forever, even if they grow up to be tax attorneys. But it's a slippery slope. If Lucy is a selfish thing to name your child, what about Amy or Emily?

What about names that don't end in the eee sound, but have nicknames that do and might stick Gracie, Franny, Katie, Elly? What about names that end in "a", which are every bit as cute and feminine as the eee names Amelia, Laura, Rebecca? At what point are women even allowed to exist, because god forbid our names sound cutesy to some outside observer?

I suppose it's because I'm older, or a nerd, but I think of Lucy the hominid skeleton named after the Beatles song, of course. I think it's a fine choice, and I'm glad it's not Ashley, Madison or Kayla. My name is Oscar - as my unimaginative username clearly shows. You can easily guess how kids made fun of me: "weiner" and "bologna" and of course "the grouch.

But I love my name - it's surprisingly unique in the US. So don't fret about what might or might not happen in terms of teasing.

Oh, and Oscar is my middle name, which is all kinds of not-fun when it comes to any kind of official paperwork. Your parents' generation will think of Lucille Ball, your own generation will think of Lucy Van Pelt, but your daughter's peers will probably not think of either of those. I'm in my 30s, and my first thought was Kenny Rogers: "You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.

Four hungry children, and a crop in the field. I love it.

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If you want a longer name, I'd use Lucienne. I should add that I have a very serious name - like, something a nun would be named or something, and very ethnic - non cutesy names have implications in society, too. Parents should be able to name their girls and boys for whatever reasons they want, not what society wants - and raise them with their values, not society's. That's one of the reasons for having a family.

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Congrats on the twins! I have triplet boys so um yeah. I have a Linus, so I'm somewhat partial to Lucy. I can't help it. But my son wasn't named after a Peanuts character, we just liked the name. I don't worry about what people think of the name.

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Do you like it? Because you'll be using it a lot. A bigger concern for me is that your other daughter's name isn't too matchy or rhymy with that one. I think it does really matter what her name is, if we're giving advice on the other's name. I wouldn't do it. Sure, kids are cruel and can make a nasty name out of anyone's name, but I wouldn't set my daughter up for that, no way in hell. Worrying about how kids in school will treat a name is pointless. They're creative, they'll find a way to harass someone with any name if they want to.

Personally I think of the Beatles song first, and then probably Charlie Brown. But I doubt many kids today have heard of either of those, much less Lucille Ball. Teenaged ones are especially horrible. You can make any name into a horrid slur, if you try. I know a Lucilla where the ll is said like y that goes by Lucy; I think it's a beautiful name.

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My almost 2 year old is Lucy Elizabeth, so I think it's adorable, obviously. I didn't name my oldest daughter Lucy because I didn't think I should use a nickname as a first name and I hate Lucille and Lucinda.

Lucy Rose - No Words Left

But with the third child, I decided not to care about that and named her just Lucy anyway. My two older kids loved the name Lucy and insisted, so we went with it. Everyone who asks her name seems to love it, although there are starting to be more of them, I find. There are a lot of dogs named Lucy, though.

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Lucy seems old fashioned enough to not be seen as too nick-namey to me. We were about to name the baby Lucy Ann after my great-great grandmother Lucianna our last name isn't at all Spanish and it begins with an A so the name ending in A sounded terrible. The great grandmother's nickname was "Chana" and someone pointed out that we'd be naming the baby "Louzianne" like the brand of tea or "Louisiana" So, Lucy Elizabeth it is.

Which she now pronounces, "Yucy Bizabiz. I dont like it.

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Sounds like a bit of a joke name. Sounds like the kind of 'normal' name someone would use for a pet. Just saying. I love the name but would be remiss if I didn't remind you of the scene in Cool Hand Luke where George Kennedy comments on a beautiful young woman, "Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. Just because no-one else has mentioned it yet, I love the name Lucy because I always associate it with the Wordsworth poems. As a possibly-helpful datapoint, my wife and I have a six-year-old named Lucy.

We also have twin girls 3yo , and I can understand the tension in naming twins. We ended up with a convoluted parents'-paternal-great-grandmothers' names as first names and parents'-maternal-great-grandmothers' names as middle names scheme, that worked, luckily, but took Bletchley Park levels of thinking to develop. Anyway, this isn't about the twins.

Should I name my daughter Lucy? - naming | Ask MetaFilter

This is about Lucy. In short: We couldn't be happier with our decision to name our daughter Lucy. Since a lot's been covered in this thread, I'll just throw some info out there, and if you want me to extrapolate, just let me know, either in this thread or by MeFi Mail. Always happy to talk.

We named our Lucy "Lucy", rather than "Lucille" or other, longer names. We just liked it more, and felt like it was a friendlier name. My wife is a "Sarah", and it takes more time to explain that it's "Sarah-with-an-h" than any explanations about Lucy's name. When we were considering names we, too, didn't pre-announce names with either pregnancy , although we did pre-announce that each of our babies was a girl , I wasn't sold on Lucy as a name.

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Honestly, I can't remember what other names I was thinking about, but I know that I wasn't totally on-board with "Lucy". It wasn't until she was actually born and possibly several hours old? At the time, we didn't know any other kids named Lucy, and we were eager to have a familiar-but-not-overly-common name.

Since then, as it's been referenced above, it's become a more popular name, but I think it's still fairly unique. Also, it doesn't have a "contemporary" read: soon-to-feel-dated sound to it.

Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe
Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe
Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe
Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe
Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe
Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Cant Believe

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