Gun Violence : The Real Costs

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Statistics on Daily Gun Violence in America

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What's the point? In particular, they may question why we have gone to the trouble of writing an entire book that tries to measure the effect of gunshot injuries and deaths on our standard of living. Just how is it helpful to translate fear, pain, disability, and early death into the same metric as we ordinarily use in measuring the consumption of food, shelter, and transportation? We have two answers.

The cost of US gun violence has finally been calculated—at $2.8 billion a year

The first is that putting a monetary value on gun violence is useful in laying claim to public attention. If gun violence is to "compete" effectively in the public forum with other problems--highway deaths, breast cancer, air pollution, failing schools--then gun violence needs a dollar- cost number, simply because such numbers have become a standard item in policy discourse. Our second answer is more substantive. In conducting our research for this project, we have found that the economic-cost framework provides a different and more useful understanding of the problem than does the usual array of public-health statistics.

Reporting 30, deaths and 80, serious injuries places the focus on the victims and may lead to an assessment of how "they" are different from the rest of us. It is all too easy to discount the suicides as mentally ill, the assault victims as. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while.

Cook, Jens Ludwig. No cover image. Gun Violence : The Real Costs. Philip J.

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That is the annual cost of gun violence in America according to the authors of this landmark study, a book destined to change the way Americans view the problem of gun-related violence. Until now researchers have assessed the burden imposed by gunshot injuries and deaths in terms of medical costs and lost productivity. Here, economists Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig widen the lens, developing a framework to calculate the full costs borne by Americans in a society where both gun violence and its ever-present threat mandate responses that touch every aspect of our lives.

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Gun Violence : The Real Costs Gun Violence : The Real Costs
Gun Violence : The Real Costs Gun Violence : The Real Costs
Gun Violence : The Real Costs Gun Violence : The Real Costs
Gun Violence : The Real Costs Gun Violence : The Real Costs
Gun Violence : The Real Costs Gun Violence : The Real Costs
Gun Violence : The Real Costs Gun Violence : The Real Costs

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